Subscribe to the channel. Todos os monstros no campo perdem 500 de ATK e DEF, exceto monstros do Tipo Dinossauro. August – December 2020 Lost Art Promotion. 1x Trap Trick2x Artifact Sanctum1x Artifact Scythe. For those of us who got a look a the Deck Profile I linked above, and before we get into the decklist, keep in mind that some changes were made to adapt to the latest Forbidden and Limited List. Use Oviraptor's effect as if trying to revive Miscellaneousaurus, opting to destroy Overtex Qoatlus from the deck instead, adding Double Evolution Pill to the hand. Ultra Rare LART-EN010 $3.64 — View. If we take a look at the most recent YCS Niagara and disregarding the DQd Sky Striker player you may have heard about we still got four people into Top 32, three of them being regulars of our locals including one that I'm fortunate enough to be teammates with. As with the one Qoatlus, I believe that players that prove mindful in their usage of those resources will find themselves appreciating the reduced amount of potential sitting ducks in their hands. As for Extravagance, I'll quote myself from another comment on this post: Hi. 9 months ago. I don't believe much needs to be said about Oviraptor, Fossil Dig and Miscellaneousaurus' 3-of status. Quick tl;dr on the wording: You cannot protect normal monster twice per turn, but you can protect multiple of them in a single instance, though note that if multiple normal monsters were to be destroyed you'll have to destroy as many, no less, from your deck or hand if you wish to apply the effect. Also regarding the token summon is the fact that Lost World and Oviraptor allow you to practice a nasty chainblocking game, which is one of the reasons I feel like that deck plays around/through disruption better than most of the competition, by hiding an effect underneath the other in the stack. Dark World deck, relying on a rank 8/rank 4 XYZ engine combined with a few generic Link monsters. Depending on your local metagame it can also prove especially useful at fending off rogue strategies like Spyral, HEROes and other Dinosaur variants. Given that a good turn can easily pop two babies, it's good to have a third in the tank. 2.2k. While not as good of a go-first card as the other Rank 4s are, Ragnazero shines in weaker hands that start blooming in the Battle Phase after swinging on a token to get to Oviraptor. You shouldn't aim at outgrinding them, but rather at keeping up your initial momentum long enough to win. Alle Monster auf dem Spielfeld verlieren 500 ATK und DEF, außer Monstern vom Typ Dinosaurier. I had vivid memories of how painful the redaction of last year's post was and I gotta say I'm thankful that I got to recycle its formatting so that I could focus on the content alone. Also note that Lost World interacts with Paleo treated as monsters and opposite tokens, so do not hesitate to abuse this when possible. Lastly, the ease of access to Evolution Pill through Oviraptor, Foolish Burial or Lost World's protection effect means that you don't actually need to open it in order to eventually use it. This is the reasoning that made me steer from Shaddolls and I've applied the same one to Phantazmay, especially as the list has seen most of its excess fat in terms of Babies and Qoatluses cut down to the point that it doesn't depend on the Magical Mallet effect to be relevant. A very important thing to note here is that upon getting destroyed by your opponent, Hiita allows you to search your deck for a copy of Miscellaneousaurus, forcing your opponent to spend resources wastefully as they try and maneuver around it lest they find themselves giving you the grind on a silver platter. Community content is available under, Tous les monstres sur le Terrain (monstres, Alle Monster auf dem Spielfeld verlieren 5, Tutti i mostri sul Terreno perdono 500 ATK, ①:恐竜族以外のフィールドのモンスターの攻撃力・守備力は500ダウンする。②:1ターンに1度、恐竜族モンスターが召喚・特殊召喚された場合に発動できる。相手フィールドに「ジュラエッグトークン」(恐竜族・地・星1・攻/守0)1体を守備表示で特殊召喚する。③:相手フィールドにトークンがある限り、相手はトークン以外のフィールドのモンスターを効果の対象にできない。④:1ターンに1度、フィールドの通常モンスターが戦闘・効果で破壊される場合、代わりにその数だけ自分の手札・デッキの恐竜族モンスターを破壊できる。. 6 years ago | 5.1K views. Read more. I would be very happy to answer any questions you all might have regarding cards that were omitted from this list, other options, or engines entirely! If you didn't get to punish a Hand Trap with Miscellaneousaurus discard it manually and banish it together with Giant Rex to summon Petiteranodon. Alternatively, Millenium-Eyes serves as protection from Hand Traps and niche board breaking tool when trying to establish despite the looming threat of cards like Cymbal Skeleton. Discard the Miscellaneousaurus. Most of the deck's staples being used to deal with boards rather than prevent them helps benefit from the extra bit of consistency and extra setup of Engage, which is all we care about. Tutti i mostri sul Terreno perdono 500 ATK e DEF, eccetto i mostri di Tipo Dinosauro. I'll have to get around to picking a set up for physical play. When playing around cards like Infinite Impermanence or Crackdown, keep in mind that you're able to summon either Pankratops or Aeolo (using Miscellaneousaurus) under Lost World to enable the targeting protection before committing to Oviraptor as the aforementioned cards ignore chainblocking and Miscellaneousaurus respectively. The sizable amount of Spells the list runs, especially Burial Good's ability to count as two, means that Engage and Afterburner's bonus effects are easy to enable, granting the deck disgusting card advantage on occasions and providing it with additional spot removal in control matchups. Similar reasoning applies for three Pankratops, especially since I don't play the FBG+WDW engine. Shadow of Chernobyl mod | Released 2014. summary; articles; reviews; files; videos; images; Articles. If you're looking for information about how to recover recent Office documents, see the following articles: Recover your Office files (for Word versions through Office 2019) Find lost files after the upgrade to Windows 10 ; Note. If you've ever played as or against Salamangreat, you know how much decks can suffer from having even the most basic monsters they're facing warrant removal by effects or laddering up through your extra deck more than they would want to. Rogaga. View entire discussion (6 comments) More posts from the yugioh community. ①: 공룡족 이외의 필드의 몬스터의 공격력 / 수비력은 500 내린다. Be careful about what you banish when paying for Pill, UCT or Miscellaneousaurus. The deck and extra deck space being historically lax allowed Lost World Dinosaur to pack more staples and techs than other Dinosaur variants and made siding far easier. Oviraptor and Lost World both being Conditional Trigger Effects, you get to order them as you please when putting them on the stack. If you then were to put Oviraptor as Chain Link 1 and Lost World as Chain Link 2, and even if your opponent were to decide not to put their own Optional Trigger Effects on top of them, the fact remains that the last effect to be activated was Lost World, and as such they cannot use Ash Blossom or Solemn Strike on your Oviraptor, but they can use Ghost Ogre on your Lost World. If you find yourself scared of the 3.64% chance (meaning around once in 27.5 games) chance of opening both Burial Goods and Wrestling, Survival's End can be used as a guarantee that you have a target available while avoiding redundancy, providing the deck with a going first target should it be forced to do so and pairing exceptionally well with Pankratops. I've played Extravagance variants for some time as well, I just find that, It contradicts too much with both the toolbox aspect of the deck and its ability to pack techs like Instant or Super Polymerization, It makes it way too risky to banish the Linkuriboh that is oh so essential in guaranteeing yourself an in-engine non-Dinosaur for Evolution Pill, With the high concentration of spells the deck runs, Engage oftentimes ends up being a better Extravagance that guarantees you a non-Dinosaur in the GY, doesn't remove options from your ED and can get you access to spot removal Dinosaurs historically lack. As stated multiple times, break-my-board decks are this deck's toughest matchups, with Seyfert/Guardragon Thunder being the hardest. Unicorn doubles up both non-destruction removal as well as a way to transition from the aforementioned two into a downward pointing arrow. Would you be able to explain the chain-blocking with Lost World a little more or with an example? I will simply say that it is a larger engine, especially combined with FBG. This card didn't give its name to the deck for no reason. Enquanto seu oponente controlar uma Ficha, ele não pode escolher monstros no campo como alvo de efeitos de card, exceto Fichas. To see what it looks like, you should be able to see it on any posts and comments from /u/MouVii on r/Yugioh. The targeting protection was the main reason I fell in love with card way back in DracoZoo format, and while leaving the token up for protection purposes past your End Phase could backfire now that it can simply be used as half a Knightmare, its presence will still be beneficial to you during your own turn, especially against deck whose disruption targets your monsters like Widow Anchor, Silquitous or Draco traps do but also against staples like . Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. If you then were to put Oviraptor as Chain Link 1 and Lost World as Chain Link 2, and even if your opponent were to decide not to put their own Optional Trigger Effects on top of them, the fact remains that the last effect to be activated was Lost World, and as such they … First i want to thank you to put that much effort in making a guide like this. Generic backrow hate to be sided in against all kinds of control decks ranging from Draco to Guru but also including Strikers, Geists, Mystic Mine and the most backrow-heavy Salamangreat variants. Welp. Standard members of the toolbox needing no introduction. Giant Rex is your best friend when it comes to managing your resources. The Ignis Eye Flair would not replace your Emperor's Key flair, you would just have both. A: Even if "Lost World" and a Normal Monster on the field would be destroyed at the same time, as in this scenario, you can apply the effect of "Lost World" that destroys Dinosaur-Type monsters in your hand or Deck instead. ... Once in Buenos Aires, we were met at the domestic airport and driven to the international one, while our guide waited with us, to make sure we were able to board our flight to Santiago. It has some flaws, but there’s still time for Konami to address some of them. Rund um Lost Worlds. Here we are. Little needs to be said about why. Since then, and even though I dedicated some time to other decks over those two-and-a-half years, I've mainly focused on numerous Dinosaur variants ranging from True King to Thunder. A few banlists ago faced with Summon Sorceress' move to Forbidden status and the rising popularity of a terrible matchup in Orcust I decided to move away from the Thunder Danger Dinosaur deck I was piloting in favor of something else. Banish Linkuriboh and Aeolo from your GY to activate Double Evolution Pill, summoning UCT. YuGiOh - The Lost Art Promotion Price Guide Product Line: Set: PRODUCT Rarity Number Market Price Listed Median Alluring Mirror Split. This means that in most instances Qoatlus will only be used as a tool to get to Double Evolution Pill with UCT and Pankratops being the targets in monster- and backrow-oriented matchups respectively.

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