Born Charles … Their intellectually combative nature means that ENTPs can be difficult to work with, and they can bruise others' feelings because they never shy away from conflict. Philosopher. NOTE: This is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Gerald Ford. Famous People with the INTP Personality Type People with an INTP type tend to be extremely analytical, objective, and logical. James Madison. Barack Obama Although his presidency will be long-admired by some and long-hated by others, President Obama was not afraid to stand up for what he thought was right. List of the Most Famous People Who Are ENFJ. This is an opinion piece and is motivated by multiple contributors and sources. The typing is based largely on consensus. They are likely to approach interactions with others in a logical way, rather than relying on emotion. Karl Marx. Fictional INTPs can serve as examples for what real-life INTPs might be like, and also show how much variation can exist between individuals with the same type. John Lennon. John Quincy Adams. Hegel. Profession. INTP are logical and analytical to the core. Born: 12 February 1809. Sep 23, 2014 Aug 12, 2013 by Brandon Gaille. INTP Celebrities We have compiled a list of INTP Celebrities and Famous People below. The INTP mailing list, with a readership now in triple figures, was in its incipience fraught with all the difficulties of the Panama canal: we had trouble deciding: Obviously, there were no formal tests done to check the personality types of these famous people. Heath Ledger. Abraham Lincoln. They like to base their ideas and decisions on facts and … William Harvey. American President. You have little interest in day-to-day, routine matters, like … Occupation: English Naturalist and Geologist. Sigourney Weaver is another highly intelligent and ambitious actress who is considered to be an INTP. Famous INTPs Charles Darwin. 66 Famous People with INFP Personality Traits. American President. Their thinking often starts with one idea and then ramifies into numerous strands of meaningful associations and relationships that appear like a labyrinth of meta-trails beckoning the INTP to explore. Actor. Albert Einstein. INTP writers include Richard Dawkins, Immanuel Kant, Charles Darwin, Hannah Arendt, John Locke, Thomas Aquinas, Rene Descartes, and John le Carre. Tina Fey is smart, ambitious, and logical, all traits typically associated with INTPs. It then lists the ones who are most similar to you and tells you the percentage of similarity with each one. 98 percent of what people do is boring. 09 October 1940, British. They enjoy thinking about theoretical concepts and tend to value intellect over emotion. Basically, any personality type that is interested in theoreticizing and abstract ideas is a good fit for INTPs. 04 April 1979, Australian. He is also a good singer, and has … L: Death Note Killua Zoldyck: Hunter X Hunter Kakashi Hatake: Naruto Shippūden Kozume Kenma: Haikyuu!! Co-founder of 'The Beatles'. Date of Birth:4 April, 1965 About: American actor and producer One of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. is known for his films like the Iron Man Series and The Avengers. G.W.F. INTPs are merciless when analyzing concepts and beliefs, and hold little sacred. There are several famous people who have the ENFJ personality type. Famous INTPs Elon Musk (Founder of PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX) Bill Gates (Creator of Microsoft) Larry David (Creator of […] As such, they prefer individuals that have identical beliefs and share many of their own interests. American President. Famous INTPs. Deleuze. Meryl Streep (Actress) As the intense and quiet heroine in films such as The Devil Wears Prada and … John Tyler. Name. Medical Doctor. These flexible thinkers enjoy taking an unconventional approach to many aspects of life. INTPs like to categorize, define and systematize the information in their heads and, of all the types, they are perhaps the most meticulous with regards to precise implications and analyses. Philosopher. The INTP mailing list has enjoyed a round of Metaphore, virtual volleyball, and a few 'finish the series' brain teasers. He … Here is a sampling of Famous People and Fictional Characters that may share the INTP personality type. Philosophy, being “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence,” is a natural obsession of the INTJ mind. They are often baffled by other people who remain loyal to ideology that doesn't make logical sense. INFP’s are likely to stand alone and avoid conflict whenever necessary. Here is a collection of 100 thoughtful quotes from famous INTP people that … 09 June 1963, American. Friedrich Nietzsche. They often seek out unlikely paths, mixing willingness to experiment with personal creativity. I actually typed Alice as an ENTP on my Disney Princess MBTI chart, but many people type her as an INTP. INFP’s are known for being sensitive and quite, spending time connecting with the meanings of their surrounds. 1. Learn more about how INTPs write here. But ENTPs are unflinchingly honest, even about themselves, and they hold up a clear mirror to the world around them. INTPs in the main are not clannish. INTJ – The Mastermind. As dreamers, they may come across as distant but soon warm up. The Role Model Quiz compares your risk profile with the profiles of two hundred prominent people. A Logician (INTP) is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting personality traits. She has often stated that she is introverted and shy, despite being in the limelight for blockbuster films like Alien and Avatar. American President. I’m fairly certain she uses Introverted Thinking and Extroverted Intuition as her two favorite functions, so both ENTPs … The INTP is suspicious of assumptions and conventions, and eager to break apart ideas that others take for granted. This list compiles 110 INTJ famous people from across politics, business, entertainment, and other areas, for you to relate with. Usually, INTPs seek friends with similar or compatible personality types. INTJs are idea people, driven by their inner world of possibilities and a deep need to understand the world around them. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist who pioneered the theory of relativity. In the works of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, one can witness his inner struggle … American President. His father being an actor himself, Robert started acting at a very young age of 5. Memorable INTJ philosophers. There is still so much to discover about INFP personality type- go on and find out more! INTPs are logical and base decisions on objective information rather than subjective feelings. December 10, 2018, 5:29 am Great insights from those famous individuals ! Johnny Depp. /blog/7-intp-famous-people-outside-stem-fields) B R O W S E T H E B L O G ( / B L O G ) 7 INTP Famous People Outside of STEM Fields (/blog/7-intp-famous-people-outside-stem-fields) INTPs are philosophical innovators, fascinated by logical analysis, systems, and design. These are the opinion of Personality Growth based on researching and collaborating with others. Nevertheless, INTPs tend to take a playful approach to learning where the end goal isn't as … ADVERTISEMENT. Alice.

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