Guidelines for the Employment of Assistant . Many thanks if so. The guidelines assimilate wider professional policy documents and may, therefore, serve as a useful glossary of professional guidelines to consider when working with/within a psychological service. Entry requirements Applicants for these posts usually need a degree in psychology, ideally one recognised by the British Psychological Society (BPS). BPS Guidelines for the Employment of Assistant Psychologists Post here to discuss evaluating published research, sharing papers you have found of interest, plus requests for help with literature searches or locating papers Post by schizometric » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:47 pm Hi all, Does anyone have a copy of the guidelines they could email me? The BPS Qualifications in Test Use. Your background, experience and committment If you have a First Class Honours Degree or 2:1 Honours Degree in Psychology, or a BPS Accredited Master’s Degree in Psychology, experience working with children or in schools, are legally allowed to work in the UK and would like to pursue a long-term career in psychology you may be interested in becoming an Assistant Psychologist (AP) with EdPsychs. Assistant psychologists also work with professionals from the NHS, social services and other agencies. In the UK, practitioner psychologists are overseen by the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). This document defines psychological formulation as a hypothesis about a person’s difficulties, which links theory with practice and guides the intervention. These guidelines outline best practice for the profession of clinical psychology. BPS shop says the new ones are in preparation which I think they have been for some time!! DCP of the British Psychological Society. In Unit 2, the focus is on practitioner psychologists - psychologists who are doing a job. 2 Division of Clinical Psychology Formulation is a core skill for clinical psychologists at all levels and in all specialties. Guidelines for employment of assistant psychologists. Psychologists. The wiki link for the BPS (2009) Guidelines no longer works (takes you to the BPS website which states that the page no longer exists). Health psychologists only 13.46 understand context and perspectives in health psychology 13.47 understand the epidemiology of health and illness This Good Practice Guide, written for NHS managers, LREC members (including lay and service user representatives) and psychological researchers, is the result of these meetings. 13.45 understand the psychological interventions related to different service user groups including victims of offences, offenders, litigants, appellants and individuals seeking arbitration and mediation. queries outside that time, going over a report. You’ll provide clinical support under the direct supervision of a qualified psychologist. In Unit 1 you studied the BPS' Ethical Guidelines for psychological research. (1995) Professional Practice Guidelines. To ensure that professionals using tests are appropriately qualified, the BPS has developed qualification standards defining the knowledge and skills that should be held by anybody using a psychological test. Two hours usually means one hour of formal supervision and an hour where they can be in contact with the psychologist e.g. Division of Clinical Psychology. As the guidelines state that "at least a minimum of two hours per week quality supervision should be provided" and that it should be with a qualified applied psychologist. Re: BPS guidelines on CPD time as an assistant psychologist Post by psy40174 » Tue Nov 29, 2011 4:43 pm Could somebody point me in the direction of a document that says assistant psychologist's get this amount of CPD - google only produced a 2007 document on assistant psych guidelines, which I fear it now out of date. British Psychological Society and also with Professor Terry Stacey, Chair of COREC. Have been trying to find the guidelines in part to resolve a current issue where I'm based but also as I will need to recruit an assistant psychologist come October time and would value the guidelines for this.

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bps assistant psychologist guidelines

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