A violent storm struck Italy's northern region on Sunday, August 23, 2020, bringing hail, paralyzing floods, strong winds, and a tornado. Explore dynamic updates to Earth’s major data points Floods in southeastern France and northern Italy in the wake of Storm Alex have left 3 people dead and several missing. 23 November, 2020. Intense hail brings rivers of ice to the city of Verona, Italy. In a statement on Monday, August 24, the National Confederation of Farmers (Coldiretti) said the severe weather caused "millions of euros in damages." As Venice deals with a third exceptional tidal flooding event in a week, a new storm in the Adriatic Sea could make conditions even worse. ... 4 October, 2020. The head of Italy’s Piedmont region said the storm was the most serious in those parts since a flood killed 70 people in 1994. October 4, 2020. SHARES. DEADLY storms have battered Italy with 110mph winds and flash flooding killing at least 11 people. Flooding from record rains in a mountainous region of France and Italy has killed two people in Italy and left at least 24 people in the two countries missing. The wave of storms and torrential rain that has been battering Italy for several days continued unrelentingly on Monday. August 23rd 2020. Italy's biggest agricultural association Coldiretti said the storm had caused more than 300 million euros ($350 million) worth of damage. Italian firefighters staged … A spate of violent weather across Italy sent beachgoers running for cover Tuesday when a fast-approaching storm whipped in heavy winds that blew … Home » News » Five bodies found in northern Italy after violent storms Five bodies found in northern Italy after violent storms On October 5, 2020 12:28 am In News by David O Royal 3. Five bodies found in northern Italy after severe storms This photo taken on October 3, 2020 and provided by Italian news agency ANSA shows … A storm that moved overnight across south-eastern France and then into northern Italy caused major flooding on both sides of the border, destroying bridges, blocking roads and isolating communities. Watch the terrifying in videos and pictures. Over 200 people were rescued from floods in southern Italy over the weekend 20 to 22 November after more than 450mm of rain in 48 hours. "A heavy wave of bad weather hit Verona this afternoon. Among the victims was a woman who was buried by … The mayor of the northern Italian city of Ventimiglia, Gaetano Scullino, meanwhile said “a disaster of this kind has not happened since 1958”. At least 2 dead after apocalyptic storm causes biblical flooding in Palermo, Italy on July 15, 2020 evening.

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