This site uses cookies. WishList Compare. Qty. With this inverse logic aftermarket fan, 95-15 is the range. The result is high airside performance at minimum … We don’t need a relay with brushless fans because they always do a soft start. This site uses cookies. I don't need the sending units. We use cookies to store information on your device, to understand and improve our website and your browsing experience, including personalising content, adverts and social media features. Estimated Ship Date: Today. Questions & Answers. The EMC is easily integrated into simple air handling applications or more complex Tier IV and Tier V cooling systems due to the configurable thermistor and diagnostic input options in addition to SAE J1939 communication with custom message capabilities. View The Drawing. Alternator. I would like to have Holley EFI … Once the fan reached its peak continuous speed, it pulled an average of 11 amps of current at a supplied voltage of 13.5 volts. Sold As: 1 Wiring Harness Part Number: SPLSBLTSHARN. … Speed Controller Bracket Grill. The fans will require a negative PWM input. We supply cooling technology to OEMs and replacement parts for the automotive and motor sport, refrigerated vehicles, bus and coach, agriculture and construction worldwide. Spal manufactures these fans from sturdy plastic, and most feature a fully sealed waterproof/dust-proof motor. We design, manufacture and market high performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers for cars, buses, off-road vehicles, trucks, construction machineries, agricultural … MFG Number: SBL-TS-HARN CA Prop 65 Warning. ... Control panel. I spoke to Spal and they said 100-X=fan speed, where X is setting in tune (ie 100-5= 95% fan, 100-85=15min or 25% fan). SPAL Automotive USA 185-TS - Spal Electric Fan Replacement Sending Units. Uniquely designed for multiple uses and ranging levels of complexity. SPAL provides the market with a wide range of high performance brushless fans and blowers, specially designed to meet new generation cooling systems requirements in every industry. and I am about to purchase and install the Spal dual fan set up that several . Spal Automotive’s high-performance brushless fans can improve engine cooling, auxiliary and after-treatment cooling, engine-bay ventilation, HVAC, multi-fan array solutions, and battery and electronics cooling. SPAL’s new high powered series production 500W motor is available in both 12V & 24V versions to give greater cooling in demanding environments and brings versatility to the brushless motors range which also includes a compact 10W fan for secondary electronics cooling up to the largest and most powerful fan of its type currently available, a 850W High Torque for engine and battery cooling on electric vehicles. Prestolite Bosch Alternator. If this is not something your fan controller or ECM can provide please order Spal's wiring kit with your DIY kit. Sealed, High Performance, Heavy Duty Brushless Fans are specially designed to meet cooling systems requirements in the off road and high performance industry. By clicking agree and close or continuing to use this site (without changing your settings), you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy and our processing of information collected through our use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Since brushless fans require a PWM signal to set their speed, we used a signal generator to simulate a general purpose output from an aftermarket ECU (SPAL also offers a number of other solutions to control the fan for applications where a PWM signal cannot be supplied by the ECU). SPAL Brushed Axial Fans can provide a lifetime between 5.000 up to 10.000 hours. Page 3 Specifications The EMC is also unique such that it can be configured through the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to control any combination of Active High and Active Low e-Fans making this a single solution for multiple fan types. It also is ideal for refrigeration systems, aftermarket heat exchanger packages, compartment cooling, performance vehicles, air handling systems, and isolated cooling needs like; charge air, engine bay ventilation, transmission or hydraulic oil cooling. The speed can be controlled based on a temperature sensor input signal or a simple switched input for on/off type control. Some models are also perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, and/or oil cooler applications. Electric and Fan System Controller for Mass Transit and Off-Highway Vehicles, Closed loop fan controller with reversing (purge), SAE J1939 CAN messages, temperature sensor inputs, and fan diagnostics, On/Off switches – Ignition, Reverse, Fire, CAN bus 2.0B - Command input and diagnostics, 0.5A PWM 0 to 100% - Variable speed fan bank control - sourcing or sinking, Max 500mA with short circuit protection, 500mA On/Off ouput for reverse or alarm indicators, 'Purge' or 'De-Ice' for E-Fan and hydraulic fan, Set-Up & Diagnostic Software - Free Download, Reverse Polarity/J1455 load dump protection, Controls 1x bank of E-Fans (multiple if connected in parallel), Up to 6x SAE J1939 CAN values, 2x sensor inputs, and 6x fan diagnostic inputs, Bi-directional fan control for radiator 'Purge' or 'De-Ice', PC based Graphical User Interface (GUI) for system configuration/diagnostics, Configurable I/O for system flexibility (one product used in multiple applications), SAE J1455 (load dump) compliant power protection, Diagnostic LED's with system "status" blink code indication, Mini USB communication with PC for set-up/diagnostics, Designed to operate 12VDC or 24VDC SPAL fan units, Configurable Diagnostics information provided on the CAN Bus (J1939). The secondary fan will not be variable speed; it will be ON/OFF only. SPAL's latest generation brushless drive technology has become the ‘go to’ cooling solution for automotive applications – providing intelligent, software driven thermal management for cars, bus & coach engines, battery and hybrid engines, as well as oil cooling and air conditioning. Fan Control, Single, 40 Amp Relay, Thermostatic, 185 Deg. BRUSHLESS Condenser SPAL VA51-BP70 / LL-69A Sutrak 54-00622-00 (1 SPEED / 2 SPEEDS) 24V Replacement Add to Cart . A second fan can be added but requires the use of an additional relay to control the secondary fan (SPAL part number FRH). Uniquely designed for multiple uses and ranging levels of complexity. SPAL, an ISO/TS certified company, designs and manufacturers sealed DC brush and brushless motor electric cooling fans and blowers for OEM automotive, bus, truck, off-highway, construction, powersports, military, marine, and the stationary equipment (generator/APU) markets.Ac Wiring Diagram Spal Fans - Worksheet And Wiring Diagram •spal fan wiring | eBay The controller provides low current varying PWM signal to the fans based upon the command inputs. Company Profile Axial Fans General Catalogue 12/24V. Full Electric Bus Air Conditioner. The GUI is designed to have a standard diagnostic dashboard for service technicians that enable access to non-critical functions while obtaining necessary functional information and recording data for troubleshooting or performance monitoring. Talk To Our Techs About A Brushless Fan Package Today! And yes, I wired it as in my diagram and hooked up the trinary. Suggested: $26.85 Kartek Price: $22.82. Sealed Motor IP6k9k – so spark free and water/dustproof too.

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