You can watch a video review of the book below. Hug Your Haters shows exactly how to deal with both groups, drawing on meticulously researched case studies from businesses of all types and sizes from around the world. Hug Your Haters is ultimately about delivering good customer service and using the criticisms from your haters to improve your products and services. Every business owner needs to read this book. Benefit 1: Turning Bad News Good At its core, the most important reason to answer complaints and hug your haters is that it at least gives you a chance to recover and retain an unhappy customer. It includes specific play­books and formulas as well as a fold-out poster of “the Hatrix,” which summarizes the best strate­gies for … In 219 pages, Baer shares a wealth of research about why it is important to acknowledge and respond to even your most harshest critic. Hug Your Haters (2016) is a guide to using disgruntled customers to improve your business. But the rise of customer complaints is actually an enormous opportunity. Written by Jay Baer, Hug Your Haters is a customer service and customer experience book written for the modern, mobile era and is based on proprietary research and more than 70 exclusive interviews. If you don’t have a strategy for dealing with them, you can find yourself distracted from your mission or worse, with a damaged reputation. They will come in many different forms, both in-your-face, in person, and anonymously, online. Hug Your Haters talks about why you should embrace these haters, and how you can handle these complaints. My buddy Jay Baer just wrote what has become one of my favorite customer service books, Hug Your Haters . Why Hugging Your Haters Makes Business Sense. Haters aren’t your problem … ignoring them is. October 20, 2016; 0 comments; It’s been a while since I made any book reviews, and not because I don’t read as much as I used to, but simply because I wasn’t impressed enough by what I read this year to write about it. After reading Jay Baer’s book, Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers, they need to strongly reconsider. Read summary of Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer. Hug Your Haters teaches you who complains, why they complain, and how to capitalize on those complaints. Your business improves in four ways when you hug your haters. You can love your customers, but how about hugging your haters? Hug Your Haters is the first customer service and customer experience book written for the modern, mobile era and is based on proprietary research and more than 70 exclusive interviews. If it feels like there are more complaints than ever, and that you’re spending more time and money dealing with negativity and backlash, you’re right. These blinks explain why it pays to listen and respond to negative reviews and how you can turn your crabbiest customers into your biggest fans. Hug Your Haters—The Book You Didn’t Know You Needed to Read.

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hug your haters summary

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