Coerce Doc Mitchell to supply the powder gangers with medical supplies (+1). Agents They were … They have proven to be a constant nuisance to certain towns that they terrorize with good examples being Goodsprings and Primm that repels their presence. Scorched Wildlife | Dick Richardson | Major communities including Novac, Freeside, Westside and The Strip unwelcomes their presence as well and would kill them on sight with the patrolling groups such as The Kings, The Van Graffs, The Chairmen, The Omertas, The White Glove Society, Mr. House, and The Followers Of The Apaocalyspe marking them as hostiles. Riots and violence broke out. Eulogy Jones | The NCR, battered by the loss of the Dam, were unable to devote any troops to retaking the Correctional Facility from the Powder Gangers. Mad Dog Malone | Origin They were working on the railways as part of their prison sentences, but grew resentful of their forced labour. Despite their unneeded presence in the wasteland, The Powder Gangers do have a few friendly relations with the now destroyed town of Nipton which was a corrupt local town that allowed all comers including Powder Gangers as long as they paid. Voice-over narration. Allistair Tenpenny | If the player character has a negative reputation with the Powder Gangers, groups of one to three of them will occasionally ambush them south of. In-game … Sawyer's Fallout RPG faction Armed with a wide array of improvised explosives and stolen weapons, the Vault 19 Powder Gang tormented the Mojave Wasteland for years. The inmates were tasked with maintaining a railroad alongside the Long 15 under military supervision, keeping the vital link between the Boneyard and New Vegas alive. Powder Gangsters Due to their hostility, the Powder Gangers have little to no friendly relations with outside groups. [6] The prisoner population dispersed, with some following Cooke into Vault 19, others staying with Eddie as Powder Gangers and some heading out to cause mayhem along the I-15. Since being former prisoners of various crimes, The Powder Gangers are a considerable recurring threat if the courier sides with them during quests. While on their way to a vault, Boone and the Female Courier … Powder Gangers When the NCR occupied the Mojave, it became a perfect spot to house prisoners on a work-release program. The Powder Gangers or the Powder Gangsters are an antagonistic faction in the Fallout universe. Once prisoners of the NCR Correctional Facility, the Powder Gangers are one of the chain gangs inhabitating the Mojave Wasteland and other territories of NCR and Caesar's Legion control. Vulpes Inculta) | Dean Domino | Samuel Cooke Fallout: New VegasVan BurenJ.E. ], Fallout: New Vegas Official Game Guide faction profiles, Q&A session with Josh Sawyer during a live charity stream. They are hated by both the NCR, whom they were former prisoners of, and Caesar's Legion, for harassing their raiding parties west of the Colorado River. Gizmo, Fallout 2 NCR Correctional FacilityPrimmVault 19Long 15 HighwayWhittaker Farmstead Killing the prison/wasteland powdergangers didn't make the vault 19 powder gangers attack me on site. (3) (Optional) Speak with Doc Mitchell, Chet, Trudy and Easy Pete about acquiring … Frank Horrigan | Super Mutants | Independent. Work with Eddie in I Fought the Law: Shake … Hey all, I'm no new player to fallout but I've had a problem crop up. The NCR did increase their sentences, and they aren't about to take off time for good behavior. Dr. Powers/Skills Ever wanted to live the life of a raider. "They burned his ass … Destroy ONLY the sulfur deposits below Vault 19 and convince. Type of Villains Locations Mason | For the Powder Ganger character, see, Do not kill Eddie and complete the endgame quest. Fallout: New Vegas / Van Buren / J.E. Sinjin | Eddie Winter | Lieutenant | Mr. House | Just did that with Boone, but 2 trust point isn't enough. Though a few managed to erase their pasts, most never survived the journey. Mags Black | Criminals, PrimmVault 19Long 15 HighwayWhittaker Farmstead, Samuel CookePhilip LemBoxcarsOliver SwanickChavezEscaped ConvictsEscaped Convict LeaderCarterDawesHanniganScrambler. Replace Boone… Wernher | founded by heres a tip don't take any of the good springs mission from the powder gangers or residents, yet first go to the powder gangers hq and do some work for them that will increase your standings with them, head out and get "ed-e" who's "sensors" perk will give you greater range, then go to novac and recruit "boone… Their guns tend to be weak; they carry single shotguns, 9mm pistols, varmint rifles and .357 Magnum revolvers. Centuries after the great war, and that sign is still 100% accurate!!! The situation worsened when the Powder Gangers stole Sloan's dynamite supply, shutting down Quarry Junction and inadvertently unleashing deathclaws on the quarry and the highway. The Brotherhood of Steel also seems to dislike them due to interfering with patrols near and in Hidden Valley. A lot of them are low-level crooks that got nicked; the NCR's justice seems to put everyone to hard work, regardless of crimes. Powder Gangers Aliens | ZAX 1.3c | Gameplay Deadly proficiency with melee weaponsFirearmsExplosives Foundation Ishmael Ashur | Professor Calvert | Like Boone’s backstory: while he regrets what happened at Bitter Springs, he still believes it was a miscommunication and not an intentional order from the command (despite that what we know of the NCR makes this excuse dubious at best). NCR Correctional Facility The Followers o… headquarters 00101f42 The contents of the endings are only visible with subtitles turned on. The Powder Gangers is a dead end. You … Full Name NCR troopers began to execute innocent civilians in the streets. leader(s) [7] Eventually, the gangers established a sizable presence outside the prison, with a ring of camps around it, focused on raiding caravans that tried to push through to Vegas and launch attacks to terrorize the local towns of Goodsprings, Sloan and Primm. The Eye | 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Quest stages 4 Bugs The Nipton Massacre resulted in a great loss of life, with just four survivors: The winner, Oliver Swanick, the second place runner-up, Boxcars, crippled with hammers, and two Powder Gangers …

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