Our numerous ‘Buy 10 Discount Offers’ give unbeatable value and with our buy online service with UK wide delivery, you can have your garden screened off in no time!These bulk buy offers on hand-selected hedging, shrubs and trees offer incredible value and are the … Buy online from our range of affordable bare root and root ball hedging plants with great discounts. Mail Order Only. Wide Range of Hedging Plants Including, Beech, Hornbeam, Elder, Privet, Box & Yew. Containerised hedging plants are available and can be planted all year round, whilst the planting time for bare root and root balled hedging is restricted to mid-October to the end of March, with March or even April/early May actually being preferable for rootballed evergreens. Root balled Shrubs and Trees. If you want to collect from our nursery , you must order through this website and wait for a call to confirm availability. Watch our video guide on How To Plant A Bare Root Tree. Ground cover matting. Easy to plant and care for. in a garage. Pre-order your bare root trees and hedging. Via our secure online shop you can order from our extensive range of over 100 varieties of hedging plants and native trees. Buying bare root shrubs for planting is an excellent cost efficient way to grow a hedge or privacy wall. Bare root laurel should be planted November to end of March. We focus on our ornamental trees being flowering trees, trees with interesting bark/foliage or trees with attractive fruit. 2020/21 Season Has Begun! PLEASE NOTE THAT BAREROOT AND ROOT BALLED HEDGING IS AVAILABLE FROM NOVEMBER TO MARCH. CONTAINERISED HEDGING IS AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND.   THE PLANTS ON THIS SITE ARE SET AT A HEIGHT LIMIT OF 2.2 METRES. Sizes Trees are usually available in various sizes from 180-210cm in height up to standards of 10-12cm in stem girth. We stock a large selection of evergreen, native and non-native deciduous hedging available as bare root plants. How To Plant Bare Root Plants: Once the plants have been received they should be planted as soon as possible, ideally within One Week (7 days) maximum of receiving the plants. Available from November to March. Buckingham Nurseries Online Catalogue of bare-rooted and container grown hedging plants, young forest and ornamental trees, ground cover plants and fruit plants. Bare root is a great option to do large hedges on a budget. Root balled plants are generally larger than bare root trees and shrubs, and are often planted at 30-45cm intervals, with the plants touching when planted, to make a continuous screen right away. Tel: 01704 827 224 Mob: 07789 922 457 Hedging UK Boundary Farm, Holmeswood Road, Holmeswood. Buy Online with Next Day Delivery Glebe Farm Hedging is the perfect place for anyone looking to buy hedging plants online. Hedging plants are supplied as bare-root specimens or pot-grown plants and patience will be needed as your hedging grows to your desired height over the following years. This type of plant can provide big savings, particularly when larger quantities are required. L40 1UA. BARE ROOT HEDGING: “The most economic, environmentally sensitive and natural way to plant a hedge.” Our bare root plants are grown in open fields for between 1 and 4 years, and so allowing for strong, natural fibrous root development. Garden hedging – Evergreen hedging – Woodland creation – Native hedging – Christmas trees- … Order online or call us to check availability. Field grown shrubs are less expensive than container grown shrubs. Hedging is the environmentally friendly way to create boundaries and can be hugely beneficial to wildlife. Image Gallery. Our bare root trees and hedging plants are established mature plants with robust and developed root systems. Mixed native hedging is at the heart of our business. Box Hedging 20-25cm High 11cm Pot . 05/12/2017 - Bare Root Hedging Plants for The Winter and Festive Season With Christmas and Winter approaching fast we thought we'd focus on some of the more seasonal bare root choices available to you if you want a hedge that provides interest in your garden at this time of year!

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